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Integration Opportunities

SRS can also deliver superior economies of scale when an employer leverages the integrated business services SIMA Financial Group offers including payroll, corporate accounting, and employee benefits. This dynamic integration results in far greater oversight, greatly reduced administrative tasks, and fewer relationships to manage.  In short, our approach capitalizes on continuity and complexity of care to ensure that all needs are being met with minimal burden and maximum value.

It’s about you… not us... And especially not them.

Often we can be hired to work with and improve the incumbent retirement plan vendor arrangements, avoiding the need to go through a vendor conversion. That means no blackout dates and no cumbersome administrative work.  The resulting outcome can be a higher service standard while implementing a better balance between value and cost. Should a vendor conversion become necessary, SRS can work closely on behalf of the client to ensure the conversion process moves forward in a timely and manageable pace that is comfortable for the plan sponsor and the participants.

Fiduciary oversight is more than a job requirement.

Managing a plan is a significant responsibility, not only because of your commitment to your employees, but because of an increasingly regulatory environment that requires substantial knowledge and administrative obligation.   Our team shares this burden, developing investment policy statements and standards, educating your committee, managing documentation, and overseeing all aspects of plan administration.

We offer a fully transparent Fiduciary Plan Review initially focusing on plan investments and expenses. This review will provide detailed metrics on investment performance and expense, while highlighting strengths and weaknesses with the current fund line up.  We can also provide peer group analysis of a plan’s costs relative to other plans of the same size.